Bacca Shop, Atherton, c.1910 (Source: Tom McGrath)


Nomtinated by: Diane Shallcross

Where: 2 Bolton Road, Atherton

The shop dates back to at least the late 1870s but may be earlier. It was originally listed on High Street but this later became 2 Bolton Old Road. Its name comes from the tobacco it would sell to those working in the numerous mills and collieries, although it was also a newsagent and corner shop. It is trading today and now actually called “The Bacca Shop”, whereas historically this was just a local nickname for it.  

Diane remembers:

“This paper shop has stood for many years. It used to sell single cigarettes and in years past part of the shop was a dolls hospital. Generations of families from Atherton used it.

It is one of the few shops that has stood the test of time and is still in business today selling newspapers. My great-grandparents, grandparents and parents all bought their papers and cigarettes from this shop.


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