Nominated by: Janet Phillips

Where: Wilbraham Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy (the picture shows other shops on Wilbraham Road)


Quarmby’s was a stationer’s (downstairs) and toy shop (upstairs) on Wilbraham Road. The latter was the big attraction for many, with a large variety of toys, games and puzzles available.


Janet recalls:

Downstairs it was stationary in abundance and upstairs, my favourite part as a child, were the toys. In the 1960s I lived in Whalley Range, so sometimes we’d go shopping in Chorlton passing Quarmbys on the way. It didn’t matter if I had any pocket money or not, I’d still mither to go and have a look … to me it was magical. I was very much into dolls in those days and they had those dress up card dolls which came with a variety of paper clothes you fitted on with foldover tabs. I don’t live there now and I believe it closed down a few years ago. In those days there wasn’t the abundance of toys or places to obtain them, so it was all the more of a treat.

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