Nominated by: Linda Dutton

Where: Chester Road, Streford


Pennington’s sold toys and bikes from its shop on Chester Road in Stretford in the 1950s and early 1960s.


Linda remembers:

Being taken there in 1959 to 1963 about late November early December to choose my Christmas present, so Father Christmas knew which one to leave. I remember choosing a blue desk and chair. But my favourite was a new type of doll, in the early ’60’s called a teenage doll I think. She was called Kiki wore black sheer stockings and a fashionable black and white dress. Very different to the usual ‘baby’type dolls. Forerunner possibly of Barbie/Sindy/Tressy dolls? I can recall even now the smell of Pinningtons and in particular the rubber tyres from the new bikes , Very evocative! It was the only toyshop I can recall other than the ones in Manchester. It was demolished as was our house in about 1964 to make way for the Stretford Arndale shopping centre.

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