Nominated by: Rod Perrin

Where: 588 Stockport Road, Longsight


Lowes had a small chain of confectioner’s shops which seems to date back to the early twentieth century – a 1919 directory lists a Jospeh Lowe as a confectioner trading on Stockport Road, Levenshulme. The image, dating from the 1950s, shows Stockport Road lined with independent shops as well as national chains.


Rod remembers:

Me mam worked there while expecting me in 67 and before. I don’t remember that bit. But I do remember being treated like a little prince by the owners (I remember a Grampa Lowe). The smells. The array of cakes and especially the honey ring with a pint of milk as a teen. Yum. What memories. Mam was a confectioner who made wedding cakes etc. It was one of the many independent shops that were around before the supermarket killed the proper grocers, that sold essential grocery items.

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