Elliott Street, Tyldesley

(Source: https://www.francisfrith.com/tyldesley/tyldesley-elliott-street-1950_t145004)


Nominated by: Anne Reece

Where: Elliott Street, Tyldesley

Hilton’s was a traditional butchers trading for many years on Elliott Street in Tyldesley. Like many shops, it did its best trade on market day.

Anne remembers:

“A very popular butcher’s shop. Always busy with people queuing to be served, especially on Fridays which was market day. I remember at Christmas there were turkeys hanging in the shop. One “shopper” was a little dog. Always unaccompanied it used to sit outside the shop, very patiently, until it was given a bone, then off it trotted with it down the street.

It was a proper family business  – a husband and wife team and then the sons when they were old enough. I always bought my meat from there from the 1970s. Sadly, it’s no longer there despite them trying freezer packs, meat bundles and home made burgers. Suppose they couldn’t compete with the supermarkets. Sadly missed.”


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