Nominated by: Rose Copas

Where: Oldham Street, Ancoats, Manchester (the picture shows Oldhamd Street in the 1960s)


Granelli’s was one of a number of Italian ice cream businesses operating in Ancoats. Many could trace their roots back to the late nineteenth century and continued to operate as family businesses, sometimes with small factories and shops, and sometimes with ice-cream vans. Competition was sometimes fierce, with so-called ice-cream wars taking place between van owners all vying to secure the business on particular streets. The Manchester Granelli business was founded in the 1890s by Domenico, whilst his brother, Angelo, established a similar business in Macclesfield which continues to thrive today.


Rose remembers:

When we used to come out of school in the winter we always went there for hot vimto, and in the summer for ice cream. The granellis were a lovely italian family. The shop was a great place to meet friends and chill out –  it brings back lots of memories from being young

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