Nominated by: Lorraine Joyce

Where: Market Street, Manchester?


Bus Stop was founded in 1968 by Lee Bender and her husband Cecil. The first shop was in Kensington High Street and at its peak there were eleven branches across the country, including one in Manchester. The shop sold collections designed by Lee Bender herself, but the prices were affordable  – “cheap trendy clothes” as Bender described them. When they were established, this was something different, but there was growing competition through the 1970s and the business folded in 1979. The Manchester shop was at 8 Market Street – opposite M&S – and was open throughout the 1970s.


Lorraine recalls:

Bus Stop was an amazing shop, located opposite Marks and Spencer. Its designer was Lee Bender. All the bowie and roxy girls would shop there. Bus Stop carrier bags were bright red with a gold logo for Bus Stop. I bought a satin bright blue dungaree there and I wore it one night with stilletos from Midas (which was next door to Bus Stop, more or less). I was walking down the road to my friend Vanessa’s house and I swear the bus driver stopped his bus to stare at me as the clothes were so unuasual. Everyone loved Bus Stop. A lot of the people who shopped there use to go to the Oaks Pub, Chorlton and the Ranch Bar, Dale Street. Bus Stop was so cool, the trendys of that time loved it, it was on a par with Biba,

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