The Spin Inn

The Spin Inn

Nominated by: Melvin Thorley A.M.I.T.D.

Where: Cross Street 

The Spin Inn was Manchester’s original specialist in soul and dance music. It was originally on Cross Street before moving to Pall Mall. 

Melvin remembers:

“Run by the City’s best D.J. who was resident at the Sceene Club downstairs, this record shop stocked the sounds all the Manchester soul fans were looking for. His side window had Tamla Motown singles in their orange sleeves, including The Four Tops. These were not in the National Chart but sold like mad in Manchester. Best years 1965 -1970. I f one shop helped promote ‘Northern Soul’, this was it”. Why is this shop important to you or to the area?: It was THE ONLY shop to cater for our vinyl needs”. “We used to go to the soul nights at The Oaks pub in Chorlton. We would all have little black ‘police notebooks’ and would write down the tracks, then, on Saturday we would descend on The Spin Inn”.


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