Affleck and Brown

Affleck and Brown

Nominated by: Kathryn Tench

Where: Oldham Street 

Affleck and Brown was established in the 1860s as a drapers and by the 1870s was still listed simply as a general draper, silk mercer and shawl and mantle manufacturer on Oldham Street. The shop grew rapidly in the late nineteenth century to become a department store occupying a large block on the corner of Oldham Street and Church Street. It prospered up to the 1930s, but wartime damage and a subsequent downturn in fortunes saw it taken over by Debenhams in the 1950s.

Kathryn remembers:

“Having my feet fitted for shoes. There was a machine that took an X-ray of your foot in the shoe. Once shoes had been chosen I was allowed to ride on the rocking horse. Just good childhood memories. I used to look forward to going there because of the fitting machine and the rocking horse.”


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H & J Wilsons

H & J Wilsons

Market Street, Manchester, today.

Nominated By: Ann Dexter

Where: Market street, City Centre

Ann remembers:

“The shop was a ladies and children’s wear shop. It was on the corner of Market Street and Fountain Street. The shop itself was really nice and well presented.

“I remember a Mr Rutter who visited the shop to check on sales etc. upstairs where the office was, (I worked in the office at 15, after leaving school) it was a pre-war type office, with a chute that sent the change down to the shop floor to the customers. We didn’t have desks, but one table that three clerks (myself included) had to sit at. We even had a lift man who would take us up to the first floor, in the old type lifts.

“There was just something about that shop that I found enjoyable. Mr Rutter once told me to choose a coat from the coat floor on my way home, that he just gave me because he was just a kind man.
I grew up in Manchester and it was my first job. When i think back to remember happy times that was one of them.”


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