Stockport Road, Levenshulme, c. 1970s

Nominated by: Melvin Thorley

Where: 1036 Stockport Road, Levenshulme 

The Top Ten Record Bar was located on Stockport Road, Levenshulme between 1974 – 1981. It was a popular shop and stocked a wide range of vinyl.

Melvin remembers:

“The best record shop in Manchester for brand new 7 inch vinyl singles from the Record Company’s back catalogue. They also sold the current chart singles, but their archive singles, marketed under the slogan ”Brand New Oldies” were their trademark.

The records were listed in alphabetical order on A4 sheets kept pristine in plastic covers on the counter for people to check through. Even as late as March 1981 when the shop closed, they stocked every Rolling Stones single, every Beatles single and E.P. and hundreds of Tamla Motown, all brand new ex-factory, NOBODY ELSE offered this service in Manchester.

The shop was an active member of the vibrant group of retail establishments which ran from Broom Lane right through to just beyond Albert Road. Another service the last owner offered was newly-released albums signed by the artist. When Kate Bush had a signing session at H.M.V. Market Street in September 1980, said owner asked a number of customers who were going to buy Kate’s new album what message they wanted on the sleeve. During the following week, they were all amazed to visit the shop and see their messages, and the signature…Kate Bush…..unique customer service, and no extra charge for the album., just R.R.P. !!! I still have mine, worth hundreds now.”



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