Mazel Radio Musicals, London Road, 1958
(Source: m02699 Manchester Local Image Collection)

Nominated by: Melvin Thorley

Where: 122-138 London Road, Manchester

Mazel’s was a second-hand shop on London Road which sold a variety of household goods, electrical bits and pieces and records. Stock was bought in bulk after the Second World War and the shop is remembered as being crowded with goods along all the walls, floors and even boxes of records on the pavement outside. At one point Mazel’s also sold bicycles from an adjoining shop. 

Melvin remembers:

“What do I instantly remember…Radio and T.V. Valves & Tubes Service ! Sales !! Disposals !!! Second hand 7 inch vinyl single records for 2/6d and 10 inch 78 records.

In the days when people had radio and television devices which used valves, Mazel stocked hundreds of parts to keep Manchester’s sets going, and avoid costly repairs or having to scrap the receiver. They also had an incredible selection of 45 & 78 r.p.m. records.

They were on the north side of London Road around today’s Mancunian Way intersection. When travelling by train from Piccadilly to Warwick Road for a football match at Old Trafford, I always used to look down and ”as long as Mazel’s were there, the world was o.k.”  I later became a train driver, and, as late as 2009, if I was travelling West, I would look down and imagine the old place. Still do now as a passenger again.”



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