Advert for Monolo Designs, 1978
(Daily Mirror, 2 June 1978, p.17)


Nominated by: Andrew Parker 

Where: Old Bank Street

Manolo Designs was a designer clothing shop on Old Bank Street, located behind the Royal Exchange. In the advert above the model is wearing a men’s yellow cotton jacket by Dorothy Dagworthy. It was also available in beige, cream or with a cream and beige stripe and cost £53.

Andrew remembers:

“It sold high quality, fashionable menswear in the 1970s: featuring Margaret Howell, Paul Smith, European designers. It was run by a lovely chap who moved to California. I loved it when my student grant came through: I could blow it on clothes at either Browns in South Molton Street, London; Manolo Blahnik, London; Paul Smith, Nottingham; or Manolo Designs, Manchester.”


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