Market Street, Atherton, 1955.
Brickley’s shops can been seen on the left.

Nominated by: Thomas McGrath

Where: 27-29 Market Street, Atherton

In 1924 Alfred and Sarah Brickley opened a drapery store at No.31 Market Street in Atherton. By 1939 their business had expanded across three shops and sold a variety of clothing. By the latter decades of the 20th century the shop shrunk in size and Brickley’s closed in 2011 after some 87 years of trading.  

Thomas remembers:

“Brickley’s is intertwined with my own childhood memories as it was the go-to school uniform shop in Atherton. It must have supplied school uniforms for all the local primary schools in the town and I recall being taken there every summer to get fitted out for next year’s clothing. I think the process was the same for generations of school children in Atherton.

By the time I remember it, in the late 1990s/early 2000s, it seemed very dated. It was two shops knocked into one, with a staircase in the middle. The left hand shop still sold ladies wear and I think it had an old glass display cabinet as a counter. The right hand side was the school uniform side. There was stock everywhere but the staff always knew where everything was. I remember the dressing room, which was just a curtain in the corner of the room and the old mannequins which I found quite creepy as a child. I can still recall the smell, it was one of those shops which had a distinctive smell.”



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