Interior of Beat Street Records, Bradshawgate, Bolton (Feb. 1996)

Nominated by: Paul Hutchinson

Where: Bradshawgate, Bolton

The popular shop was run on Bradshawgate in Bolton town centre by Mike Stewart, Mark Curry and another assistant named Pru. In the late-nineties Beat Street Records moved to 23 Tib Street, Manchester, which also eventually closed.

Paul remembers:

”It was a great record shop and meeting place. It specialised in house and techno that was big in rave clubs at the time which was late eighties, early nineties. Also some hip hop and electronica crossover.

This was at the start of the rave scene and you would usually have to go into Manchester to get underground dance, techno, or hip hop. But when Beat Street opened in Bolton everyone on the scene used to go there. They had all the must-have tunes and we would meet our mates there and hang around outside chatting to all the faces on the rave scene. Especially on a Saturday and quite often we would meet there before going to the match. I spent some of the happiest days of my life in and around Beat Street Records on Bradshawgate.

I remember being gutted when the shop disappeared but I believe they just relocated to Manchester.”



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